Femininity and Life Coach April Mason thought she had it all together. After years of operating several successful businesses, helping women redesign their lives, and putting her children first, she realized she never balanced her life or nurtured the feminine woman within.  

April mastered what it meant to be a mom, sister, friend, entrepreneur, aunt, mentor, life coach, confident, but she didn't have a clue about who she was at her core. What really made April happy? What type of life did she want to live? With that ah-ha moment, she decided that it was time to redesign her own life. But how? Who could she look to as the blueprint of a balanced woman?  

In this inspirational book, April shares 11 principles, characteristics, and traits of an unnamed woman who is said to have been the archetype of an Asset Woman! After studying this woman and applying what she learned, April made intentional and consistent changes daily that allowed her to embrace her femininity and womanliness while keeping her business success and influence.  

* Do you feel like, in spite of your achievements, you still don't know how to break free and soar in your personal life?  

* Do you feel drained because you've had to be strong and take care of everyone else's needs, but no one is ever there when you need them?  

* Does your heart long for love, but you feel like you've had to choose between having a career over a fulfilling relationship?  

The practical keys and suggestion, coupled with the humor and wit of a woman who has experienced exactly where you are, will make this a delightful, light-hearted quick read. The information can be applied immediately if you're willing to do the work. Get ready to be transformed from the inside out.  



April Mason is the author of several books and online courses on dating, femininity and manifesting the life you desire. She is the President and Founder of The I'm An Asset Women's Network and the Teach Me How to Date VIP Academy.

 As a femininity and dating coach, international speaker, television and social media personality, it's April's purpose and passion to help women to identify who they are at their core, successfully transition back into the dating arena, gain emotional renewal, tap into their creativity to create wealth and spiritual transformation. 

After going through her personal journey of self-discovery, she is compelled to share with women how they can redesign their life by embracing their womanhood and femininity.